Sunday, July 15, 2012

Honegger at the Vancouver Hearings

  • Barbara Honegger’s Vancouver PowerPoint

  • Honegger has some REALLY good points about the Pentagon attack-- how it was actually central to 9/11 being more than just another OK city or WTC 1993 bombing, and key for starting the world wide US military response to "terrorism". And of course, it was an inside set-up, with a fake-plane crash and various ruses... check out her material. She has a ton! An important point about the Pentagon attack is that it is HIGHLY unlikely the Mossad set it up and completely covered it up with US help, so there needed to be some major US military complicity. In the case of the Pentagon attack, we can say the US MIHOP, with good certainty.

    Slide 6:
    Bush Said It Was The Pentagon Attack That Made It “War” •In His Memoirs and Speeches, he said after WTC 1 was hit, he thought it was a due to ‘a terrible pilot’, an accident •When told of the WTC 2 hit, Card said, and he thought, ‘America is under attack’ •But with the Pentagon Attack, he “knew” ‘We’re at War!’ •The Pentagon Attack had to succeed to effect the Global Domination Agenda, Surveillance State •Therefore, Insiders Had to Control It •As Planes might miss regardless of who controlled them, only preplaced explosives were certain to create the needed effects