Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pentagon Plane Witness Roundup

So I listened to about ten of the witnesses interviewed by Jeff Hill here. Despite, all the oddity of Jeff Hill getting to talk to all these people, and that many if not all, are probably agents, the calls are still remarkable. If they are agents, they are great actors. Penny Elgas, for instance, was surprisingly believable and fun to listen to.

If any of them are honest, they were either fooled by a fly-over, or ... a large passenger plane indeed hit the Pentagon.

But SOME of the specific problems with the official Pentagon hit story are as follows:

1) There are too many conflicts on plane approach path, flat versus dive, north of the CITGO station, over the station, or south of the station. North of CITGO seems to be common-- and north of CITGO gives an almost impossible flight path for the official story.

2) There are major conflicts about the timing of the "C-130"/second plane. Were there two 757-like planes? Are people just mistaken or are they lying?

3) A large number of problems with the entry hole and associated physical damage to the building.

4) The dearth of plane debris-- which is even verified by many in the phone calls with Hill

5) The impossibility of the official plane speed and approach for the official pilot, Hani Hanjour.

6) The Lloyd England story is EXTREMELY suspicious, and to anyone with an open mind, signals a hoax.

Frankly, I was learning towards a plane hitting the Pentagon after hearing the witnesses talk with Hill-- it's hard not to be taken in by their apparent sincerity. But this changed after I saw the complete Lloyde England story. His story really makes me think there was a concerted effort to promote a plane hit from the official path -- while there was a fly-over on the north side. In this case, the honest eye-witnesses could well have been fooled-- similar to the WTC.

Another possibility, which is easier to reconcile with witnesses who saw the plane disappear is some sort of high-tech trick plane that can turn close to invisible in a split second. This would be more easy to trick the witnesses, and could have been used at the WTC as well.