Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Strange Case of Lloyde England

I watched this latest video by CIT on Pentagon taxi-cab light-pole "victim" Lloyde England, and it is pretty mind-boggling in its implications.

Now the video is pretty long-- over 90 minutes*-- but it has some amazing stuff.

All right, so the first thing is that England's official story of the light-pole (knocked over by flight 77 flying overhead) into his cab just doesn't make sense-- there's no way the huge pole went into his car and got pulled out without the hood being scratched or dented.

But the really wild part of this video is when Craig Ranke shows England photos from 9/11, showing where his cab was when it was struck, and England says the pictures weren't where it happened. It is truly bizarre.

1) he is lying
2) he is extremely confused (hard to believe he was this confused unless he was on serious psychotropic drugs, and he doesn't seem to be drugged)
3) the photos were manipulated
4) his cab was moved from where his accident was and the photos were staged with an actor to fit the official flight path

#1, 3 and 4 are possible, and I personally suspect some combination of these three.

Where he SAYS he was actually supports the northerly flight approach, and it seems like the light pole-cab incident could have been set-up to support the official flight path story.

There are a number of very odd things about England.

-- reads David Icke, took some conspiracy course (not clear where)
-- makes a number of cryptic statements that could have deeper meaning
-- his wife apparently supports the flyover theory
-- in a conversation with Jeff Hill, says he is poor, but he has a nice house, with fancy artwork, has his own property in the country
-- has two life-size Egyptian mummy cases (sarcophagi) in his living room
-- his cab # is 677 (the 77 is meaningful for flight 77 and is an Illuminati number of significance)

So he is a suspicious character, to be sure-- and he pretty much destroys the official story of the Pentagon.

*frankly I skipped through parts of it to save time since much of the material is recapped throughout and some of the stuff I already knew.