Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Incredible Lightpole of Being

It seems to me that it's almost impossible for that huge lightpole-- some 30 feet long and weighing hundreds of pounds-- to be knocked airborne either perfectly vertical or flipped over with the end up such that the pole spears the windshield without contacting the hood of the cab. Not to mention the almost impossible odds of the cab traveling 40 mph and being in the exact right spot for the pole to go in the windshield in that manner. Seems like England would have seen the plane go over and the pole getting knocked in front of him, as the pole would need to be airborne for a bit to go into his windshield like that. But he says he never saw the plane. But even beyond that, once the pole goes into the windshield, the bulk of the pole is still outside and weighing hundreds of pounds and gravity would pull the pole onto the hood. England clearly says it was the long section of the pole that went into his cab, not a smaller piece (which is actually much more plausible). So as far as I am concerned, the pole simply cannot have gone into his cab, so he is lying or severely deluded. Keep in mind England has some suspicious things about him, as I outlined here:
I think it is likely he is an agent or a patsy. If he is an agent, his goal would be to spread disinfo.

Further, this story is clearly bull--
"Lloyd, 69, began the morning of September 11, 2001 like most days, driving his taxi cab. A passenger in Rosslyn told him what had happened at the World Trade Center so he turned on his radio and headed home. As he approached the Navy Annex, he saw a plane flying dangerously low overhead. Simultaneously, the plane struck a light pole and the pole came crashing down onto the front of Lloyd’s taxi cab, destroying the windshield in front of his eyes. Glass was everywhere as he tried to stop the car. Another car stopped and the driver helped move the heavy pole off Lloyd’s car. As they were moving the pole, they heard a big boom and turned to see an explosion. The light pole fell on Lloyd and he struggled to get up from underneath, wondering what had happened."

There is NO WAY this time-line is possible-- the plane would have hit the Pentagon a few seconds after the lightpole incident, yet it would have taken one minute at minimum for the described series of events with another car stopping and the two people trying to move the pole.