Friday, August 31, 2007

Pentagon Video Fakery

No wonder they took so long to release this video.

I have long thought that this blurry object was roughly consistent with an AA 757. But since a 757 cannot have produced the damage seen at the Pentagon, this object is likely fakery of some sort. One tip off to something funny here is that that huge puff of smoke under the object-- it simply is not consistent with a jet going over 500 mph trailing some smoke from just hitting a lamppole. The smoke should be trailed behind out much more.

Meanwhile this video from the same "debunker" analyzing the DoubleTree Hotel security camera video is flagrantly dishonest in claiming a flying object goes across the space only once in eight minutes-- supposedly the plane right before the hit. But if you look at the extended video here, something goes fast across this same space several times before the hit. Either this blurry object seen before the explosion is not a plane-- or several things flew into the Pentagon before it exploded.

The Official Flight 77 Story

Still a load of bunkum:

These guys did an extremely thorough job of investigation, and it points out the effectiveness of bypassing the media and the politicians, and simply obtaining evidence from agencies, such as from the FBI and the NTSB, using the freedom of information tool that we are still able to use in this country.

If one is interesting in 9/11 activism, I think it is highly worthwhile submitting FOIAs to the FBI to obtain key evidence and information-- and then reporting your results on the internet.

Simple Proof the Official 9/11 Story Is Very Wrong: Pentagon Edition

Although there are many reasons to doubt that flight 77 hit the Pentagon, I think the definitive proof that something other than a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon was done by Killtown here.