Monday, August 28, 2006

Fascinating Video Recreation of the Final Flight 77 Path!

The final official moments of AA77 as simulated by the NTSB. The plane never gets low enough to clip the light poles NOR hit the Pentagon on the official path!

And the ONLY way a Boeing 757 could have possibly made the damage pattern seen on the Pentagon is if it was coming in very low and almost perfectly level.

In my opinion, this video flat-out disproves the official flight 77 story-- and strongly hints that some sort of Boeing 7X7 flew over the Pentagon mimicking a plane hit.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Super Slick Disinfo

Nicely done, but not completely compelling for me.

A New Pentagon Mystery

(originally posted 5/23/06 on Humint Events Online)

You remember the new footage showing flight 77, right?

See the plane? It's that white thing, right?

Let's look a little more closely at that area:

Here's the analogous crop and blow-up from a frame before the "plane" arrives:

What is this purple and white thing? It is sort of plane-like, and the white stuff could be smoke coming from it-- but the relation between the two doesn't fit a plane trailing smoke:

Is this purple and white thing just Pentagon artwork?

Or is this the attack plane/flight 77 that no one else is seeing?

Whatever it is, it is just "plane" bizarre.

Cruise MIssile?

The "New" Pentagon Video

(Originally posted at Humint Events Online on 5/16/06)

What a joke.

The thing shown in the second video looks nothing like the front of a Boeing 757 (though I'm sure some will maintain this is the front of a Boeing 757):

But mostly, somehow I think that us conspiracy theorists are not going to be proven wrong here.

This evidence is lame.

Videos can be seen here.