Sunday, December 26, 2010

Official Govt Photo of the Cab and Lightpole

Note possible arm pieces behind cab, and other pieces to the left.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Even Simpler Proof That the Pentagon Cab Story Is Bull

(see update below)

Look at the tops of the light poles around the highway near the Pentagon in these pics:

They all have a straight main pole, and then the light is at the top, at the end of two curving arms, right?

Now look at the pole found near England's cab, that supposedly penetrated the windshield of his cab:

You should see that the main pole has a curved top, it is not straight-- so it is a completely different type of pole.

It makes no sense that there would be one different type of pole here, in the middle of the other types, unless this pole was completely planted from the beginning.

UPDATE: As discussed here, the pole may be a standard one that is bent at the top by the "impact". This explanation does make more sense than having the wrong pole there-- and the bending not being a perfect parallel angle with the base (see middle pic of knocked down pole above)makes sense with this explanation-- but this idea presents new problems. The are several oddities now:
1) how did the pole get bent so perfectly and smoothly and extremely?
2) what was the position of the pole when it supposedly struck the cab?
3) the base of the pole was clearly moved in an arc, but who did this moving-- the cab or people?
4) MOST NOTABLY-- if there was such an extreme impact to bend the pole like this, wouldn't the various pieces of the lamp pole be sprayed over a wide area instead of looking like they just plopped over in the road?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ventura Does the Pentagon

Despite the annoying tone of the show, they do a pretty good job covering many of the key aspects of the attack, and it was a pretty strong debunking of the official story. Real highlights were the interview with April Gallop, the bit with the missing 2.3 trillion dollars and the flight simulator test. The bit at the end with the 9/11 Commission member was interesting. They didn't touch at all on the North Citgo witnesses, or the Lloyde England story; they didn't show ANY of the witnesses who saw a plane.